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 Torch from 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Torch from 2010 Winter Olympics

I started in the sewing trade at age 16, 2015 makes it 43 years accumulated knowledge of the sewing trade, from ladies blouses made from chiffon to tie straps for semi rigs & most things in between.

It began with 4 years at Barmulloch College of further education Glasgow, Scotland, to aquire the qualification of City & Guilds of London Institute, which was achieved with a 6 hour practical & 3 hour written exam.

In 1982 I moved to England, working on machines that made various pieces as T shirts, sports bags, denim etc. Going on to become Service Manager at the Birmingham branch of Alan Godrich Sewing Machines.

I came to Canada in the year 2000 to work for Peter Topping at PANDT International, which I did until Peter's unexpected passing, after a few months Peter's wife decided to sell & that's when the name change came, as I was known as Peter Mac I decided to call it MAC 1 Sewing Machines.

MAC 1 Sewing Machines is here to help you with Sales & Service of various sewing, cutting, pressing equipment, parts & accessories, making sure you have the right machine for the job you are doing.

Of course you can't sew without a needle; the needles that I stock are Groz-Beckert which has a highly polished eye for maximum thread protection. Now that sewing machine speeds are exceeding 6,000 stitches per minute & needle temperature around 340c, a highly polished eye helps reduce the friction when the needle thread passes through the needle eye.

I am also here to help with information; I have spoken to students & staff at both Olds College & The Banff Centre.

When I was working in England, a work colleague, Clarence Orton gave me a piece of advice, "never settle for less than your best" & I have tried to hold to that standard to this day.